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Rabies Vaccines and Your Pet: A Public Health Necessity


When most of us hear the word RABIES, our minds typically go to images of crazed raccoons, developing countries with massive amounts of strays, or to that scene that we won’t mention in Old Yeller. The word itself sounds dreadful, and it elicits a high level of fear and panic in most people. But the truth about rabies is we don’t really need to be so worried about it here in the US because we have access to high quality and effective vaccines for our pets. The only way rabies can spread out of control as it does in developing countries, is if we as pet owners do not step up and vaccinate our pets on time and though a qualified veterinarian.


Your Furry Felines Need Veterinary Care, Too!


Did you know that, on average, veterinary clinics see about five dogs for every one cat? With numbers like those, you would expect that there are about five times more pet dogs than pet cats, but in reality, there are approximately four and a half million more pet cats in the US than pet dogs. So why don’t we see more cats than dogs? On August 22nd, we will be celebrating National Take your Cat to the Vet Day and reminding cat owners that cat health and regular vet visits for Fluffy are just as essential to overall well-being and health as they are for Fido.