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Dental Health

Click the above link the learn more about our dental procedures at Gehrman.

Gehrman Animal Hospital Pharmacy

You will be pleased that Gehrman Animal Hospital offers competitive pricing and the convenience of home delivery. Simply click on the above link to shop MyVetStore. The prescription will be ready and shipped to your home in just a couple of days (when product is in stock). Shipping is free for food orders, monthly preventatives when you select auto-ship at check-out, and for all orders over $38. Use code “10PERCENT” to get 10% off your first order. You may also pick up your prescriptions in clinic. Simply call us at (952) 545-9161 or email us at reception@gehrman-animal.com. Thank you for supporting your local veterinary hospital by purchasing from our pharmacy! 


Veterinary Information from Trusted Professionals

The American Animal Hospital Association provides pet owners with veterinary information that is accurate and reflects the standard of care we promote.


Veterinary Partners is a client-friendly resource for your veterinary medical concerns.  Our veterinary staff regularly networks on their partner sites Veterinary Information Network (VIN) and Veterinary Support Personnel Network (VSPN).  This is an excellent source for reliable, accurate information!

Pet Health Network is a source of trustworthy information from people who’ve helped shape veterinary care.

Raw and Grain-Free Diets

Gehrman’s notice on grain-free diets (10/30/18)

FDA Public Notice: Questions and Answers

Taurine, Dog Food, and Heart Disease in Dogs

Risks and benefits of raw meat-based diets

CDC Recommendations

Pet Health Information Updates and Recall Notices

AVMA Animal Food Recalls and Alerts

FDA Recalls

Pet Food Handling and Zoonosis

Safe handling of pet food and treats

Zoonotic Diseases: Your Pet and You


FDA Regulations and Labeling

Pet Food Contaminants


Report a problem with your pet’s food

Global Nutritional Assessment Guidelines

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