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Pet with Anxiety


Summer in Minnesota means time at cabins and lakes enjoying outdoor activities. For our pets, the summer is the most exciting time of the year, but unfortunately, it can also be the most stress-ful time of year. Many dogs can get very anxious and even fearful of things like thunderstorms, fireworks, and travel.


"Pawsome"! It's Time for Puppy School!


Join us at Gehrman Animal Hospital for our new Wednesday night puppy classes!  Beginning August 15th, the owner of Wag and Train Animal Behavior Specialists, Kari Bastyr, and our very own veterinary assistant, Blair, will be conducting these paw-tastic classes!

Our Pawsome Puppy School class will focus on all the puppy basics, with priority emphasis on teaching bite inhibition and allowing playtime, socializing your puppy to many of life's stimuli, providing guidance for potty/crate training, answering your questions about all things puppy, and troubleshooting any problem behaviors your puppy may have. It's a fun-filled, science-based, social hour with lots of practice on commands, while you and your puppy bond in a structured class environment. We do not use or condone any fear or force-based methods, and use only lure-reward training with some random shaping.