12800 Wayzata Blvd

Minnetonka, MN 55305

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Lobby/Reception Area

You will be greeted by our Client Service Representatives – always eager to make your visit an excellent experience. We pride ourselves on efficient scheduling to minimize wait time for our clients but if you do have to spend time in the lobby, we want to make it a comfortable and pleasant experience for you and your pet. 







Exam Rooms

We have 6 exams and some of the rooms are equipped with a hydraulic lift table. The exam tables weigh your pet as well as providing the ability to place your pet at a level that makes the exam most comfortable and efficient. Our computerized medical records system promotes efficiency as well as improving the standard of care for all our patients and pet parents. You can access some of your pet’s medical records through an app called PetDesk. 






Comfort (Angel) Room 

We have a room that is dedicated to end-of-life appointments. We wanted to capture the comforts of your living room in this special room. You will have the ability to exit out a side door after you say your goodbyes and go quietly to the parking lot without having to back up to the lobby. 




Gehrman Animal Hospital boasts the latest in digital radiography! This benefits the patient by being able to get instant digital images, which reduces the number of image exposures needed. We have every image reviewed by a radiologist who provides us with a written report for our doctors. 



Treatment Room

The treatment room is at the center of all activity in the hospital. We have 2 dental tables/workstations and 2 wet tables. Patients are pre-medicated and prepared for anesthesia in the treatment room. Minor procedures such as wound treatment or sedated procedures are performed in this area. If the patient needs to have blood drawn or urine sample collected, often the doctor will bring your pet to this room which is equipped to handle lab sample collection. The large windows allow the staff to always view and monitor the hospitalized or recovering patients.



Our spacious and well-equipped surgery suite provides all the essential items to ensure the best outcome for any surgical procedure. Gehrman Animal Hospital boasts high tech monitoring equipment, which continually measures blood pressure, oxygen saturation rate, heart rate, respiration rate and temperature during anesthesia and recovery. 

We are high tech and high touch! The CVT (Credential Veterinary Technician) monitoring the patient continuously checks the vitals and notes any concerns for the Veterinarian. During surgery, the patient is placed on a warming surface to keep their temperature stable. An IV Infusion pump will supply the critical fluids to your pet to assist in maintaining blood pressure, as well as restore any blood or fluid loss.  Sterile surgical procedures are scrupulously followed, which includes all the personal protective equipment needed.  We are proud of the excellent standard of care we practice. 


Clients now have many choices when it comes to filling their pet’s medication. Gehrman Animal Hospital carries only manufactured guaranteed products. We offer the convenience factor of having your prescription filled immediately during your appointment and you can be assured that you are receiving the proper medication and the correct dosage instructions.

Gehrman Animal Hospital also offers a convenient online pharmacy for delivery to your home, which clients can access 24 hours a day to order and place medication refills. We currently use MyVetStoreOnline. Competitively priced, we meet or beat other online pharmacies AND you can be proud to support your local veterinary hospital.  One of the team members will be happy to explain all the details! 

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