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The Pet Owners Ultimate Guide to Winter Safety


Move over Autumn, here comes winter! It is not uncommon for temperatures to plummet into freezing during a Midwest Autumn, so we were not so surprised when snow made an appearance in October  (also not surprising seeing as how crazy 2020 has been as a whole!) Whether you are new in town, a new pet owner, or even just looking for solutions to problems you have been running into for years, here is the ultimate cold weather guide to help get your pet through a Minnesota winter!


Veterinary Technicians: The Definition of a Superhero


Veterinary technicians are the backbone of our clinic! The month of October is host to National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week (October 11-17, 2020), and we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate our technicians all month long by writing our blog post about the vital role they play in keeping our clinic running smoothly.