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It’s Dental Discount Month. Has Your Pet Had a Check-Up Lately?


Pet owners often feel shocked to learn that three-quarter of all cats and dogs have some form of gum disease by the time they turn three. This statistic, provided by the American Veterinary Dental College, should highlight just how important it is for companion animals to receive preventive care check-ups and everyday care at home. Most pet owners don’t neglect their oral healthcare on purpose. They just never understood how important it was for their dog or cat’s overall well-being.

How to Prevent Gum Disease in Your Pet

Brushing a pet’s teeth can be stressful at first, so some people offer their dog or cat a dental chew instead. Although these products can help to reduce plaque and tartar, they can’t replace regular brushing and visits to Gehrman Animal Hospital for a check-up. You can still get into a toothbrushing routine with your pet even if you have never attempted it in the past. Of course, it requires plenty of patience on your part and willingness to praise your pet for any type of cooperation you receive. 

Start small by allowing him to sniff the toothbrush and toothpaste one day and then get accustomed to the feel of the toothbrush in his mouth the next. Add one small step each day, such as increasing brushing time from five to 15 seconds, until you have developed a routine. Be sure to buy a toothbrush to fit your pet’s mouth and toothpaste intended for his species. We’re happy to give you a demonstration the next time you bring your pet in for a preventive care exam.
How to Know if Your Pet Has Gum Disease
Although you might joke about your dog or cat's bad breath, it could indicate a serious oral health issue. Other typical symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Refusal or reluctance to eat
  • Discolored teeth
  • Excessive drooling

Left untreated, gum disease in pets can lead to infections, decay, bone loss, and tooth loss, all of which can make it difficult for your pet to eat and get the nutrients she needs. We make it easy for you to care for your pet's oral health by offering a complete line of dental products in our online store. 

Ask Us About Dental Discount Month
Gehrman Animal Hospital is running Dental Discount Month for the rest of August and all of September. You can save 20 percent when you schedule a routine cleaning before September 30. This excludes  pre-anesthetic labwork, extractions, x-rays, and medications in-hospital or at-home medications. Your pet’s health is worth the small investment. We look forward to seeing you soon.